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The Recreational Group believes that passionate and knowledgeable people are ultimately responsible for a business’s success. It has certainly been the primary reason for our success, as every one of our employees cares deeply about the quality of each completed project and will work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

Stacy Collier

Executive Vice President of Sales

  • The Recreational Group

With over 18 years in the recreational surfacing industry, Stacy Collier brings extensive knowledge and experience to The Recreational Group sales team. Stacy joined the XGrass team in 2010 and quickly established herself as the go-to expert for RG’s full line of products and installations. Stacy provides exceptional leadership and insight to new project development, which helps our customers determine the ideal surfacing solutions to meet their needs.

Lynette Ogle

Director – Internal Office

  • The Recreational Group

Lynette Ogle is the Director of Internal Office operations at The Recreational Group, ensuring that the entire show runs smoothly. Lynette facilitates communications and organizes accounts for RG and its family of companies.

Chase Sheram

Director of Installation

  • The Recreational Group

Chase Sheram’s installation expertise has been invaluable for The Recreational Group. Chase and his experienced installation team ensure that every RG led project goes off without a hitch. From the initial site evaluation and planning to the completion of every job, Chase is responsible for making sure that every customer has a completed recreational surface that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Warren Lusk

Vice President of Operations

  • VersaCourt
  • IceCourt

Warren joined our team in 2014, leading RG’s VersaCourt and IceCourt tile divisions. Warren oversees all business and product development operations for VersaCourt and IceCourt, working closely with the manufacturer, sales team and VersaCourt's dealer network to ensure exceptional product quality from start to finish.

Will Lambert

Vice President of Sales

  • XGrass

Will Lambert is the Vice President of Sales for XGrass, and our resident synthetic turf expert. He has extensive knowledge of synthetic turf technology and helps XGrass stay on the cutting edge of product innovation. Will leads the XGrass sales team, overseeing project development for XGrass installations across the country.

Matt Morman

Vice President of Operations

  • Tour Greens

As an active member of the PGA of America since 2003, Matt Morman has dedicated his career to the game of golf. Matt leads the Tour Greens sales team and offers unique insights into the performance and unique technology of Tour Greens tour-quality putting green systems. From site planning to completed installation, Matt ensures that each customer receives a finished Tour Greens system that will meet their exact specifications.

Andy Erler


  • Mulch Outfitters

Andy is the Director of Mulch Outfitters playground mulch division. Andy manages day-to-day operations, which includes organizing manufacturing processes, overseeing installations and maintaining customer relationships. Andy is exceptionally knowledgeable in playground safety requirements and helps customers develop effective maintenance strategies for playground mulch surfacing.

Jaime Noble

Director of Marketing

  • The Recreational Group

Jaime Noble is the Director of Marketing for The Recreational Group, overseeing the development and execution of all marketing initiatives for RG's family of companies, including all print material, SEM campaign management, internal asset management and distribution, ongoing website maintenance for multiple companies, e-mail campaigns, social media sites, photography archive, trade show planning, advertising campaigns, apparel and promotional material.

Rodney Davenport

Vice President of Manufacturing & Quality

  • CH3 Solutions

Rodney Davenport joined CH3 Solutions in 2015 as the Vice President of Manufacturing & Quality. Rodney started his career in the plastics industry nearly 24 years ago, and he brings with him invaluable expertise and a fiery passion for plastic manufacturing. Under Rodney’s leadership, CH3 Solutions has been able to improve product quality, increase efficiency, and provide unmatched customer service.


Steve White


  • The Recreational Group

In 1998, Steve started The Putting Green Company to satisfy both his passion for golf and help the family business. Over time and with the help of Ron Bennett, this company evolved into The Recreational Group - a full service designer, supplier and installer of residential and commercial recreational surfacing solutions.

Ron Bennett


  • The Recreational Group

Ron began his career with The Putting Green Company in 2007 and helped Steve diversify the company into a full service supplier of recreational surfacing solutions. Ron currently works in the company’s corporate headquarters in Dalton, Georgia, but his favorite activity is vacationing in Florida with his family.

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